Customer testimonials

Mike Yeh: 7 Figure Amazon Seller

“I just can’t say enough good things about Jungle Books Team. We keep track of business to make sure we hit our targets during the year. And when the tax time rolls around, the books are ready to. It’s absolutely glorious. “

Andrew Erickson – 7 Figure Amazon Seller, Host of ZonCon Podcast

“Jungle Books and Chakra are very good with eCommerce. Jungle Books is spot on with eCommerce. We loved that we moved from a “down the street” accountant to Jungle Books. We were good at generating sales, but profit not so much. Until Jungle Books, we did not know that. Jungle Books helped to move from generating sales to generating profit. Now that we are profitable, Jungle Books is helping us with the exit now. I highly recommend Jungle Books and Chakra.”

Tina Striker: 7 Figure eCommerce Brand Owner from Europe

Paolo Dobrowolny: US Based eCommerce Brand Owner

catalin pic

Catalin (EU Seller): 


“After years of doing things on my own I finally found someone I can trust to take over this aspect of my biz. I absolutely recommend them, they save me money and give me peace of mind.”