Our monthly features and services

Bookkeeping and accounting done for you.

Monthly Bookkeeping

We accurately record all of your business transactions with a tax-savings lens.

  • Setting up and maintaining your chart of accounts
  • Deductions and savings always in mind
Month-end financials on the 7th business day

Most small businesses don’t have access to their financials or receive them 30 days or more after the month ends.

  • Monthly balance sheet
  • Monthly profit and loss statement
Tax season made easy

By setting up your chart of accounts to be tax-ready from the start, we can advise you on tax savings opportunities and help you prepare for your tax liability long before tax time. Your dedicated CPA team will then file your corporate tax return.

  • Filing state and federal tax returns
  • Annual Tax Planning
Cut Your Tax Bill
  • Annual Tax Planning
Dedicated financial team

Not only do you have a dedicated bookkeeper, but each client also has access to a CPA and accountant. This allows us to offer tax consulting and yearly planning for our customers.

  • We are focused on your profitability
CFO Services
  • Need more help than bookkeeping and Taxes? We provide CFO Services to take control of your business.
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Our pricing

Get a full-service accounting solution for one flat rate – that is called transparency. Each package includes monthly bookkeeping, financial reports. Additional packages include the corporate tax return and annual tax planning and adhoc analyses and other finance support.

How it works

Say goodbye to paper receipts and bank statements. We digitally reconcile your expenses each week and provide you with financial reports so you can keep a pulse on your business’s financial health.