Our Story

Our Story

Chakra Yendapally, MS, MBA
Founder CEO

Our Stroy

After completing my MBA from Duke University, I worked for over 15 years in Finance and accounting at Fortune 500 Companies and Wall Street Firms.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve interacted with hundreds of other Entrepreneurs.

I’ve found over and over that the most significant pain point for most entrepreneurs is understanding their numbers. Many entrepreneurs are great at marketing at running their businesses but don’t have the time or experience to understand their books. Many don’t understand just how much profit there is to be gained simply by managing their books well!

So, I decided to help fellow entrepreneurs give back to people and help people SERVE AND PROFIT!

In addition to getting books right, my clients benefit from time-tested, advanced tax strategies that most run-of-the-mill CPAs have never heard of.

I bring vast finance experience to this business and can set up your business for improved profitability and so that it will gain a much higher profit when sold. It could make a difference of Hundreds of Thousands of dollars when you sell your brand.

You worked hard to build your sales. Now let us help you make a profit. Think of me as your Profit Coach and let me help you make more money 🙂

 Chakra, CEO of Jungle Books

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Our pricing

Get a full-service accounting solution for one flat rate – that is called transparency. Each package includes monthly bookkeeping, financial reports. Additional packages include the corporate tax return and annual tax planning and adhoc analyses and other finance support.

What’s included

Unlike other online bookkeeping solutions, Jungle Books has people with CPAs and MBAs on the team to provide you with unlimited tax consulting. Not only will you be tax ready throughout the year, but we’ll also file your state and Federal tax return.